Play Texas Hold ‘Em on a Mac

Play Texas Hold ‘Em PokerIt used to be that Mac players would be grateful for a poker site offering them any opportunity to play any sort of poker but there is no need for anyone to be desperate these days. There is a fine range of online poker networks and sites offering up a varied level of poker disciplines and tournaments, allowing Mac users to pick with confidence.

It is fair to say though that Texas Hold ‘Em is the number one game of choice at the current moment. Texas Hold ‘Em has always been one of the major poker games but it has only been since the surge of poker popularity this millennium that the game has marched out ahead of the other poker games. TV and internet poker fans find that Texas Hold ‘Em is the number one game for them and this is reflected in the offerings available on site. In short, if you are a Mac user looking for Texas Hold ‘Em fun, you shouldn’t have to look too hard to find it!

Know your limits and no-limit games!

Even within the different poker disciplines, it is important to know that there are different ways to play each game with Texas Hold ‘Em providing strong examples of this. You will find:

  • Limit Texas Hold ‘Em
  • No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em and
  • Fixed Limit Texas Hold ‘Em

The limit game, as the name suggests, “limits” the level of money you can place on each bet during each of the betting rounds. These levels will depend on the table limit but an example for a $2-$4 limit table would see the small blind being set at $1 and the big blind being placed at $2. Players will be limited to betting or raising $2 at the pre-flop stage and limited to $2 after the flop occurs. At the turn and river stages, a player is only able to bet or raise $4.

A no-limit game allows players to increase the bet by any level, subject to table stake rules, up to their entire remaining stake at any point throughout the game. No-limit games will traditionally provide a minimum level opening bet for players and the raises are commonly the level of the previous raise or above.

A fixed-limit game sees a player only choosing whether to bet or not, the amount they will bet is already fixed. At some point in the game, the fixed level will traditionally double, which is referred to as the big bet. This big bet is commonly used to enable bluffing and protection for a player.

These are the Texas Hold ‘Em games you will commonly find and the following poker sites, all of which are suitable for Mac players, provide games, tournaments and variations on these games.

Texas Hold ‘Em at Ignition Casino Poker

The Ignition Casino Poker site provides Texas Hold ‘Em games alongside Omaha and Stud games but the schedule indicates how much of a focus falls on the Texas Hold ‘Em games. There are hours of poker fun where Texas Hold ‘Em is the only game listed and the site provides limit, no-limit and fixed limit games.

A quick browse of the Ignition Casino Poker tournament schedule indicates that Texas Hold ‘Em No Limit games are by far the most popular, vastly outnumbering all other forms of poker tournaments on the site. This makes sense as it is the most popular form of poker and if you want to get involved with the games that most people are playing at Ignition Casino Poker, Texas Hold ‘Em no limit is where the fun is at! Even a quiet hour in the afternoon can see 6 Texas Hold ‘Em no limit games taking place on site so if this appeals to you, you know which site to turn to.

  • Ignition Casino Poker offers a native Mac version of their software, but can also be played instantly in a browser.

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Texas Hold ‘Em at ClubWPT

Club WPT for Mac

With ClubWPT being a subscription site open to even US players, this is one of the few poker sites where you can test your skills and mettle against players from all around the world. Texas Hold ‘Em is the main game provided on site, so if you are a big Texas Hold ‘Em fan, you are in for a treat here. The cash prizes on offer at ClubWPT are not as much as other sites (understandable given the nature of the site) but similarly, you are not in a position where you are going to lose much money. You pay your subscription and that is all you have to shell out if that’s all you want, with the VIP membership granting access to all of the tournaments.

The ClubWPT site may be seen as the ideal place to hone your Texas Hold ‘Em skills in a tournament environment without actually putting too much money up or facing big losses. If you are a risk averse Mac Texas Hold ‘Em fan, this could well be the site for you.

  • ClubWPT does not offer a native Mac version, but can be played instantly in a browser.

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Texas Hold ‘Em at SportsBetting Poker

SportsBetting Poker also allows players from the United States to join in the fun but it is a different poker beast from the ClubWPT site described above. This is full on poker action with big prizes on offer and a lot of money at stake, so it is not for the faint-hearted. Again, Texas Hold ‘Em stands at the forefront of the Sit ‘n Go and multi-table events offered by the site and no matter what sort of poker experience you are looking for, SportsBetting Poker is able to provide it.

With US and Mac players well catered for, the SportsBetting Poker Texas Hold ‘Em experience is likely to be one of the most invigorating challenges a player can take on.

  • SportsBetting Poker offers a native Mac version, including all the features offered in the Windows version of the SportsBetting Poker software.

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Texas Hold ‘Em at 888 Poker

888 Poker for MacThe 888 Poker site provides an almost never ending run of tournaments and promotions so you will never have to wait too long for a new game. The main offering from the site is based upon Texas Hold ‘Em games so if this is what you are looking for, there will be no shortage of games on offer. There is no apparent schedule listed for the 888 Poker site, which isn’t too handy for planning ahead with respect to gaming fun but there are always games available so whenever you log on, there should be something of merit to catch your eye.

  • 888 Poker does not offer a native Mac version, but has to be played using a Windows emulator, or can be played instantly in a browser.

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Texas Hold ‘Em is definitely the in-game for poker players these days and it is no surprise to learn it is the game on offer at most sites. If you are a Mac user and are looking for a Texas Hold ‘Em thrill, you don’t need to look far for suitable options. All of the above online poker sites cater for Mac users and have a great range of games, tournaments and promotions to look out for. This is the era of Texas Hold ‘Em and Mac users can join in the fun as much as any other online poker player.