Bitcoin Poker Sites for Mac

Bitcoin Poker SitesThe internet has changed the way we live our lives and there are so many benefits and developments that have come from the World Wide Web and how we use it. This is something that all online gamers know all too well but even aside from having the chance to play poker from the comfort of your own home, there have been other advantages, benefits and steps forward provided by the emergence of the internet.

The way we spend and save our money has evolved and the internet is largely responsible for a new style of currency, Bitcoin. Bitcoin can be used on a great range of sites and outlets, with online poker taking an interest in this new currency.

Three reasons why Bitcoin poker is a good choice:

  • When the value of Bitcoin grows, so does the value of your funds
  • The transactions are instant and the transaction costs are lower
  • Bonuses offered for depositing with Bitcoin are generally higher

When it comes to making the most of your poker playing time on your Mac, you need to make sure that you can fund your poker play. Playing for free can be fun and it can help you to hone your skills but for real excitement and to make sure that you play with intensity, you need to be able to fund your account. This means you need options to deposit and withdraw, and it may be that a relatively recent option will suit your needs. For many people, Bitcoin is the ideal option for online poker accounts and this is true for Mac users.

Leading online poker rooms that accept Bitcoin include Americas Cardroom, BetOnline Poker and SportsBetting Poker. All of these sites are also US friendly poker sites.

Bitcoin Poker Sites for Mac

Poker Site







Download and install on a Mac
No download version
US friendly poker site
100% up to $2000
N/a, use link
Download and install on a Mac
US friendly poker site
100% up to $1000
Download and install on a Mac
US friendly poker site
100% up to $2500
N/a, use link
Download and install on a Mac
US friendly poker site
100% up to $2500
N/a, use link
OSX: Downloadable Version for OSX | NDL: No Download, Instant Play Version

If you don’t know what Bitcoin is or you have heard the name but aren’t too sure what it is, don’t worry, most people are in this position. While Bitcoin has transformed the way that many people and businesses engage online, it is still something that is in its infancy.

What is Bitcoin?

This is a digital currency, referred to as cryptocurrency, and it can be used to buy products or services online just like using a card or account. It is also being used by a growing number of poker sites. Bitcoin was introduced in January of 2009 and by February of 2015, more than 100,000 vendors and merchants were accepting Bitcoin. There is no denying that with each passing month, more businesses and individuals become aware of Bitcoin, which means that demand and interest in the currency continues to grow.

One of the key reasons why interest in Bitcoin is increasing all the time is down to the fact that merchants who use Bitcoin impose a much lower fee, if any fee at all, for the use of this service. People who are sick and tired of being hit with credit and debit card charges for using their money are turning towards Bitcoin in order to save money and to feel less frustrated with their transactions.

You’ll probably understand Bitcoin better if you consider it as a form of digital money and given that it is an open source currency, no one actually owns it. Don’t worry about not fully understanding what Bitcoin is because it has been around for many years and many people don’t know what it is or they disagree about what it is. Some people say it is a currency, others classify it as a commodity and there are some people who say it is best seen as a platform to make payments. Whatever the definition of Bitcoin is, you will find that it can help you to make payments in a convenient manner.

Can Bitcoin help me out?

Many people have been surprised to learn the ways that Bitcoin can make their life easier or give them more options to make the most of their leisure time.

The key benefits of Bitcoin are:

  • No one party or authority can control Bitcoin
  • Paying with Bitcoin or setting up a Bitcoin account can be carried out very easily
  • Bitcoin offers a good level of anonymity
  • Bitcoin is transparent and there is a ledger of every transaction
  • The fees associated with Bitcoin are very small
  • Bitcoin transactions are fast
  • Online Poker and Bitcoin

Online poker industry can benefit from Bitcoin

The key benefits of Bitcoin lend themselves perfectly to online poker, so you can see why more and more online poker sites accept Bitcoin as currency. Players want more currency options, they want a fast and reliable currency option and they want to make sure that they feel safe when they place money into a site or withdraw money from a poker account. Online poker sites want to make players happy, and they also want safety and security with their currency options.

With both parties in the online poker industry benefitting from Bitcoin, you can see why more sites are taking an interest in Bitcoin. It is also easy to see why Mac users are interested in the benefits of Bitcoin with respect to online poker.

For many years, Mac poker players were treated like second class citizens with much fewer options available to them. The situation has improved in recent times, creating the situation where Mac poker players can be selective in how and when they play. The fact that there is a range of online poker options available for Mac users means that the emergence of Bitcoin is a viable option. It used to be that Mac poker players would be glad for any opportunity to enjoy online poker, no matter how it was presented to them.

Mac poker players can benefit from Bitcoin

Bitcoin Poker for MacThis is no longer the case and with a growing array of options, Mac poker players can choose the poker site that provides them with security, with the best gaming options and there will be Mac users who are looking for a currency option that best meets their needs. This is why online poker sites that are Mac friendly and which provide Bitcoin as a currency option, like Americas Cardroom, BetOnline and SportsBetting are a smart choice.

Online poker players have a lot of things to consider when choosing the site that is right for their needs but the currency offerings has always had an impact. Opting for a poker site that utilises Bitcoin provides security, it allows for fast transactions and it can reduce the amount of money a poker player has to pay in order to deposit or withdraw funds. This means that there is a great deal to be said for choosing a poker site that is Mac friendly and which is suitable to for poker players.

Bitcoin Poker is becoming a term that many people are searching and as the convenience and benefits of playing online poker through the use of Bitcoin becomes more widely known, it is fair to say that this will become an increasingly popular option for Mac poker players and the online poker playing community in general.

Benefits of using Bitcoin to enjoy online poker

If you are looking for a reason to use Bitcoin on an online poker site, you need to know that there are benefits to using Bitcoin on an online poker site. There are a number of key benefits from funding your account in this manner, including:

Bitcoin is an anonymous option

A lot of people want to feel as safe and as secure as possible when playing online poker and using Bitcoin is a good way of achieving this. This is because Bitcoin provides you with an additional layer of security as you will not have to reveal any personal details when you are undertaking a transaction. This should ensure that you feel confident when it comes to making a payment or sending money online.

Bitcoin is a safe way to carry out transactions

The fact that both parties involved in a Bitcoin transaction have to approve the transaction before they are updated in the Blockchain provides you with an added level of comfort.

There are low fees associated with Bitcoin

Some currency options leave people paying out notable fees to be able to fund or withdraw and this can be highly annoying. Thankfully, there is another way to place money into your account and if you are looking to reduce the amount of money that you spend on online poker play, Bitcoin is a smart option to consider.

Bitcoin is increasing in value

At the start of November, one Bitcoin was the equivalent of £5,000 and this figure is still rising at the time of going live. This equates to one Bitcoin being worth more than $7,000 so if you were to win and then withdraw your winnings in Bitcoin, you can see how it can be transformed into a large sum of money. If you have been fortunate enough to have held Bitcoin for some time, the increase in value provides you with a much greater return on the initial investment and with the opportunity to enjoy winnings, you can see why a lot of people appreciate what is on offer with this form of currency. Have a look here for the latest Bitcoin charts.

Bitcoin Growth Chart 2017

Bitcoin Wallets

You will hear a lot of talk about Bitcoin Wallets and if you are looking to use Bitcoin to play online poker, you need to have a Bitcoin wallet. While it isn’t quite the same as having an electronic wallet for your money, it is often helpful for people to consider Bitcoin wallets in this way. There are many Bitcoin wallets to choose from and we have looked at some of the most popular Bitcoin wallets in the industry while also providing you with a warning about a Bitcoin wallet that holds a bad reputation with the online gaming community.


Coinbase Bitcoin WalletWhile there are many Bitcoin wallets to choose from, Coinbase is regarded as one of the most popular options you can choose from and it is a fantastic option for people who are developing their interest in crypto currency.

Given that Coinbase is the largest exchange for Bitcoin in the world, it may be seen as a good target for hackers but you’ll find that the company is aware of this and they have taken steps to minimise the risk and expose that comes with them. All of the currency held by Coinbase is insured and they only hold a maximum of 2% of its funds online, having the rest in physical storage, and this means that there is a strong level of security with this option. If you are looking for peace of mind when it comes to managing your finances in an effective manner, you will find that Coinbase is an excellent option when it comes to Bitcoin wallets.

  • Largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world
  • 98% of the currency held is kept in physical storage
  • All funds are insured against theft by hacking

Another major benefit comes from the fact that Coinbase has been backed up very serious investors which helps to lend a level of responsibility and respect to company. This is a reputable option with a range of secure options, including a processing time of 48 hours for all withdrawals, which means that if any fault requests occur, you can cancel them without any penalty of punishment to you.

Click here to visit


Kraken Bitcoin WalletWhile Coinbase is the most popular choice when it comes to Bitcoin wallets, it is far from the only option and it can be helpful to know what your options are. Another very popular option is Kraken and a lot of people use this option when it comes to Bitcoin currency.

One strong reason that people have for opting for Kraken over Coinbase is that the fees associated with Kraken are lower. This may not sound like a big thing but given that both of these wallets offer a reliable level of security, you need to start looking for differentiating factors and this is where Kraken has the edge.

  • Lower transaction fees compared to other online exchanges
  • Multiple established cryptocurrencies available to trade with
  • One of the most popular options amongst Bitcoin poker players

Another reason to give Kraken some consideration is the fact that it doesn’t just offer Bitcoin options, this is a good wallet if you are looking to seriously dabble in the cryptocurrency market. There is a great deal to be said for finding flexibility in your currency options and if you are looking to move beyond Bitcoin, with options like Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Iconomi, Melon, Augur, USDT, Dogecoin, Stellar Lumens, Monero, Ripple and Zcash all being available on this platform, you will find that many people will find that Kraken is an option well worth checking out.

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Bitgo Bitcoin WalletWith so many Bitcoin wallets to choose from, you will find that many of them offer a range of similar features or benefits. This means that there may not be an option that provides you with a clear reason to opt for this wallet over the others, but as long as you feel confident about what a wallet provides, you can use it with confidence.

This is definitely the case with Bitgo. While there may not be anything that is available here which you cannot find in a range of other Bitcoin wallets, it is also fair to say that there is very little missing from Bitgo that you will feel you need to have access to. The fact that Bitgo is a safe and secure all round wallet makes it an excellent starting option for people looking to have a reliable way to use Bitcoin, and other crypto currency options.

  • On par with the biggest online Bitcoin exchanges
  • Your safety and security is guaranteed with Two Factor Authentication
  • Others consider this the worlds most trusted online wallet

Anyone of the above Bitcoin wallets will help you to make a strong start to your use of Bitcoin with respect to online poker play, but ultimately, it is down to you to find a platform that works well for you. You will know what sort of set-up and navigation that best suits your needs, so take the time to consider your options and then sign up for the Bitcoin wallet that is right for you.

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While the right wallet for you may come down to a matter of personal taste and preference, not all wallets are the same. One Bitcoin wallet that you shouldn’t sign up for is BitStamp.

Why you should avoid BitStamp

Avoid BitStampWhile there are a number of good options to consider when looking for a Bitcoin platform, it is important to be aware that not all of these platforms are suitable or compatible with what you are looking for. An example of this comes with BitStamp. This is because BitStamp has a record of closing down accounts that are linked to or related to gambling, which means you cannot be confident that your account is going to be left in peace.

When a company has a track record in this area, it is best to avoid them and choose one of the more suitable Bitcoin wallets to play online poker. There is no getting away from the fact that many people, even people who operate in the digital currency sector, are not comfortable with gaming, even though you would think that both disciplines would go hand in hand together.

As it stands, BitStamp is not a suitable option for people who are keen to use Bitcoin in order to play on online poker sites but don’t worry because there are many great options for you to choose from.

Concerns about Bitcoin in general

When it comes to determining whether you should use Bitcoin, either for online poker or in general, there are a number of things to consider. There are plenty of steps being taken by Bitcoin, and individual Bitcoin wallets, to ensure that the process is as safe and as secure as possible, but as with all online transactions, there will likely be some concerns about the security of it.

It is not as Bitcoin is considerably riskier than other e-wallets or digital payment methods but if you are very security conscious, it may not be for you.

Values may drop

As of November 2017, the value of Bitcoin is rising considerably and many people are happy with the investments they have made in the past regarding currency purchases. However, there is absolutely no guarantee that Bitcoin will continue to rise and of course, it could actually fall. This is something to bear in mind when playing online poker because if you are setting funds aside to play, it may be that you don’t get as much utility from them as you would like or expect.

Will Bitcoin always be a great option?

While Bitcoin is rightly regarded as a fantastic option in the present day and it is likely to become an even more popular option in the next few years, you have to remember that Bitcoin has come from nothing in a very short period of time. This means that other options may do the same or that Bitcoin could fall away at short notice. This is unlikely but it is vital that you are at least aware of the possibility of this when you invest and make decisions about your financial status.

It is important that you make sure you are comfortable and confident when it comes to finding the Bitcoin wallet that is right for you, but there is no shortage of options. You should also find that there are a number of reputable finance options that are looking upon Bitcoin in a favourable manner.

Neteller and Bitcoin

Neteller and BitcoinOne thing that may be of interest to many people is the fact that Neteller has decided to accept deposits in Bitcoin without accepting fees for the transaction. Given the fact that many online poker sites use Neteller as a deposit and withdrawal method, this may be a good option for people to consider when looking for a way to utilise Bitcoin when they play online poker.

It would be fair to say that this acceptance by Neteller, which occurred in 2015, was a big factor in the development of Bitcoin. There is a need for major firms or respected options to buy into new or emerging currency options and this is certainly something that made many people sit up and take more notice of Bitcoin.

Best Bitcoin Poker Site

Poker Site







Download and install on a Mac
No download version
US friendly poker site
100% up to $2000
N/a, use link
OSX: Downloadable Version for OSX | NDL: No Download, Instant Play Version

The legal nature of Bitcoin for online poker

It is understandable that many poker players will have questions about whether using Bitcoin for poker play is legal but wondering about the legality of online poker play is commonplace in the present day. If you are in the United States, you will know that this is a very grey area which doesn’t really have a quick and easy answer.

After all, playing online poker isn’t really illegal but given the restrictions and limitations imposed on banks and financial institutions when it comes to transactions for gaming sites, you can see why many people feel there is a legal barrier to playing poker online.

Of course, Bitcoin is a step apart and this means that it should be a solution for people who are looking to deposit or withdraw money in confidence. Then again, the fact that Bitcoin seems like a solution that stands apart, perhaps in a grey area, is exactly the reason that many people have concerns about using this form of currency to fund their online poker play.

While the situation in the United States is difficult for some Bitcoin players to get their head around, things are slightly more straightforward in the rest of the world. A number of poker sites are now embracing Bitcoin options and if you play in most European countries, you should feel confident that Bitcoin is a legal option.

No matter where you play, you should always check the local laws and regulations but at this point in time, if there is no issue with online poker or with Bitcoin currency, you should find that using Bitcoin for poker play is perfectly legal.

Bitcoin Poker FAQ

It is perfectly understandable that many people will have a lot of questions for Bitcoin and poker, so we have a Bitcoin Poker FAQ which will hopefully provide you with the information and answers you are looking for.

Where do I keep Bitcoins?

This is one of the things about Bitcoins that differentiates it from other currencies, you don’t actually hold on to your Bitcoins. However, much in the same way as you would do with normal cash, there is a need to keep your Bitcoin together and this is why you will have a Bitcoin wallet.

This should help you to understand the concept of Bitcoin better and while the idea of a wallet makes sense, in real terms, you receive the digital keys that allow you to gain access to the address where the Bitcoin are kept.

Can I buy or sell Bitcoin?

If you are looking to buy Bitcoin, you can purchase them directly from people who people who hold them or you can go through an exchange where you can trade them. You will find that there are a number of markets where you can buy them and many of these markets allow you to buy Bitcoin in a variety of ways, including via PayPal, wire transfer or even a credit card payment.

Are there negatives to using Bitcoin for online poker?

While there may be some drawbacks or negative aspects from using Bitcoin on an online poker site, these aren’t associated with Bitcoin but with the set-up of online poker sites. There are still many poker sites that don’t provide a Bitcoin option and this means that you may be limited in where or when you can enjoy online poker. There are some sites that offer you the chance to play and these sites are developing at all times, but if you find a poker site that you like playing on and it offers you the chance to play with Bitcoin, it makes sense to opt with this site for now.

How do I send my Bitcoins to the poker site?

Each site will have their own methods of depositing Bitcoin, if accepted, so if you are looking for a way to send Bitcoin to your poker account, check the rules or set-up with respect to how you deposit.

Is it possible to play Bitcoin poker from a mobile?

If your choice of poker site has a mobile option and they allow Bitcoin payments then yes, you will be able to play Bitcoin poker from your mobile.

How do I cash out with Bitcoin?

While each site has their own rules or set-up with respect to Bitcoin withdrawals, you will likely need to provide your Bitcoin address. Make sure you check the withdrawal rules and regulations that govern how much you can withdraw, what limits are imposed on withdrawals and how long the withdrawal process will take.

Is Bitcoin Poker different from standard poker?

No. There is no difference in the poker play if you deposit via PayPal or a credit card and similarly, there is no difference in the play if you deposit or withdraw via Bitcoin Poker.

Are there sites that provide free Bitcoins?

Yes, there are some sites which are looking to appeal to Bitcoin players and these sites are likely to run a range of promotions that will entice people with Bitcoin accounts to their site. These are the sites you should be looking out for if you are keen to find promotions that offer you free Bitcoins when you play.

Do I need a credit card or bank account to play online poker?

If you are able to set up your account without these elements, there is no need to have a credit card or bank account to enjoy online poker. You’ll find that you will likely need a bank account or credit card account to obtain Bitcoin and have this currency but if the site allows Bitcoin payment, you don’t need a specific bank account or credit card to play on the site.

With many online poker sites providing a good range of deposit and withdrawal options, you may question if there is a need to find more. However, you can see that Bitcoin provides an additional layer of security that is of benefit for many people, and this may be the factor that allows you to make the most of online poker play and this form of currency.

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