Will Ben Affleck Play More Online Casino Games?

Thursday, May 8th, 2014 at 2:36 pm

Ben AffleckIn a scene that could have come straight from the script of one of his movies, it appears that Ben Affleck has been banned from a top casino in Las Vegas; the famous actor is a well-known casino and poker fan, having taken part in many major games and tournaments over the years. Like many high rollers, Ben has had his fair share of success and failure at the casino tables but it seems his run of success at a blackjack table was arousing suspicion. When a blackjack player is accused of being too good, you know that someone is watching you and security staff at the Hard Rock Casino had the actor in their sights.

Affleck was accused of card counting. This isn’t illegal but it is an activity that will get you barred from a number of casinos around the world. At the moment, and no doubt because Affleck is a major celebrity, there appears to be a cat and mouse game being played out in the media. Some reports are stating that he is definitely barred from the venue while other reports are starting that he is free to play other games but not this one. It is the sort of publicity that a casino will benefit from but they will want to be seen as being fair and even handed. If they chase Affleck away, they’ll lose his money and perhaps the money of other celebrities who are friendly with the actor. However, if they are shown to be giving Affleck special treatment, it may be that your everyday player or punter takes offence at the way the rules are being different differently. It is certainly a case that needs to be handled delicately by the team at the Hard Rock Casino.

Casino bonuses are easier to obtain

If Ben Affleck does find himself banned from playing online casino games, he knows that there is always online casino games to turn to. There is also the fact that with great bonuses on offer, there is no need for him to count cards to get ahead of the rest of the pack. In fact, if he checks out www.titancasinobonuscode.com, the only counting he will have to do is count his money. This is the sort of thing that will make a casino player feel right at home and anyone that is looking to give themselves the edge should find that this is the perfect way to play.

When it comes to the lifestyles of the rich and famous, there is nothing surprising any more. It is not as if Affleck actually needs more money but there is a thrill of winning that can be intoxicating to many people.