PokerStars Mobile Review

PokerStars Mobile - TableWith an advert featuring tennis legend Rafa Nadal in the bath, it is understandable that many people will have an awareness of the PokerStars mobile app. Of course, sometimes when you have ad campaigns of this nature the product that is being advertised is sometimes overlooked so perhaps the PokerStars mobile app is not as well-known as it probably should be!

When it comes to PokerStars, there is no bigger poker site on the planet so it is perfectly understandable that they have moved into this market. However, it is also understandable that they have taken their time moving into this market because there will be a great level of expectation placed upon them and their mobile app. The company had to deliver a strong mobile poker app that was suitable for both iPad and iPhone users and PokerStars thinks that they have managed to do this. An Android app is also available from the PokerStars site but being able to go to the Apps store and download the PokerStars app is a big vote of confidence for this app.

Play against millions of players with the PokerStars app

The big draw for the PokerStars app is that it provides players with the opportunity to pit their wits against the millions of poker players around the world that enjoy PokerStars. The layout for players on the iPhone and the iPad is very familiar and if you are used to playing on the PokerStars site, reviewed here, you will have no problems in getting up to speed with the mobile version. The iPad is the perfect device for playing online poker but the iPhone provides a strong option too.

PokerStars Mobile - ZoomThe app has a number of reliable features, including the quick seating elements and the ‘Play Now’ button which gets you to your favourite tables in no time at all. Any poker player that just wants to play games with no messing about or time-killing will definitely approve of what this app provides.

One of the strongest elements of the iPhone and iPad version of the PokerStars site comes with the web cashier option. This provides players with the easiest way to manage their funds and even make deposits through their mobile. This is a big step forward compared to what many poker apps can provide to players and it is no surprise that PokerStars have worked to introduce a deposit method that makes life simpler for many poker players.

The battery life for your iPhone when using this app may not last for hours so this may not be the best option to select if you are looking to take part in any tournament play. However, the iPad is the perfect option for players because it takes full advantage of the big screen elements and with an extended battery life; there is a chance to take part in tournaments and lengthy ring game events.

The PokerStars app looks and feels like the real site

The fact that the PokerStars app tries to replicate as much of the main site as possible is going to be of great benefit to all poker players. There is no getting away from the fact that mobile poker is going to be different from the main poker site and this should be embraced.

The shorter and snappier version of the PokerStars app provides the perfect opportunity for players to play wherever they are, including having a casual game at home. The way that people access the internet is changing greatly so being able to have more options for your favourite poker games is going to be of great benefit for everyone.