Play Anonymously With PKR

Thursday, March 30th, 2017 at 10:53 am

PKR Anonymous TablesWhen it comes to playing poker online compared to playing poker in a room with people, there are differences. The interaction and engagement that comes from playing in a room together can add something to the game, and there are players who focus as much on the player as they do their own cards and the way the cards appear to be falling around the home. Let’s face it, if you can pick up tell-tale signs from certain players or you have developed an understanding of the way a fellow poker players, you have an advantage that you can use to help yourself win on a more regular basis.

In the online poker community, this hasn’t been as easy or as straightforward. After all, you cannot see a player’s face nor you can pick up on any subtle twitches or movements they may make when they are playing. However, keen poker players are able to spot pointers in the way that certain players play and this can allow an observant poker player to enhance their chances of winning. On a site like PKR, which is closer to real-life poker than many online sites thanks to its avatars and design, there is a chance for “sharks” to enhance their winning potential by recognising players that have tell-tale signs or are more likely to make certain decisions.

For some players, this is a good thing but of course, if you are the player being picked off on a regular basis, it can become frustrating. This is why the launch of Anonymous PKR play is important and if you’re a Mac poker player that wants to play in disguise, this is the platform for you. There is a sense of freedom associated with playing in this manner and it may be that you’ll try new moves or look to do something a bit differently thanks to the freedom that is offered up by this style of poker play. The set-up has been billed as a “shark’s worst nightmare” and for that reason alone, this is a great reason to flock to the PKR site.

Play anonymously and find more freedom

This style of play ensures that any player notes compiled from previous games are not able to be used and any notes that are made during these games expire as soon as the game is concluded. Even the player avatars are selected randomly, helping to make sure that everyone gets to enjoy a level of anonymity when they play.

This is a different style of play and any Mac poker player looking to enhance their chances of winning or minimise the likelihood of them being picked off on a regular basis will find that PKR has a great option.