Mac Poker Players Can Enjoy The Road To Rio

Thursday, June 5th, 2014 at 12:13 pm

Bet365 Road to RioWith many poker sites offering mobile and tablet options, there is a chance to enjoy poker no matter what road you are on or where you are going. This summer, if you are on the Road To Rio, you may find that Bet365 is looking to help you along the way. Yes, Bet365 Poker is heading on the Road To Rio and if you are keen to find a poker promotion that combines the wonder of poker player with the majesty of the FIFA World Cup, this is going to be the promotion for you. The great news is that it is available for Mac users as well so you don’t need to sit on the sidelines while your friends have all of the fun, this is a tournament for everyone.

The Road To Rio promotion gets underway on the 5th of June and there are cash rewards and great prizes on offer all the way through until the final taking place in mid-July. This gives you plenty of time to get up to speed with the promotion. Whether you are keeping a close eye on the World Cup or you just like any poker promotion that serves up excellent prizes, this is going to be the promotion that provides you with everything you could want.

There are daily prize draws taking place with an iPad mini on offer, which means your success or failure will not solely come down to your poker skills. With a touch of good fortune you can snap up a prize that will be the envy of all of your mates this summer. Then again, with a top prize of €5,000 on offer, it is easy to see that this will be what plenty of players are looking for. It may not be a sum of money that would excite a world class footballer with lofty ambitions of winning the World Cup but this is the sort of cash prize that will be of tremendous benefit and interest to many poker players all around the world.

Stay in the tournament to have success

The longer you progress in the tournament, the greater the prizes will be so there is every incentive to hang on in there. To boost your chances of success, make sure you play at the premium tables on site as this will double your chances.

The aim of the promotion is to collect player cards, and collecting cards is not something that poker players normally have a problem with! When you pick up 11 cards you will be able to progress to the next stage. The more you play, the easier it will be to build up your first XI and this will see you get a lot more from the game and the activity on site. It is not as if Bet365 Poker is looking to make this a difficult promotion, it should be a fun activity that sits neatly alongside your watching of the World Cup.

You will find that the lobby is the place to be every day. This will keep you up to date with the latest standings in the tournament and the daily prize draw for the iPad Mini will take place in the lobby. When it comes to taking a walk along the Road To Rio, make sure you travel alongside Bet365 Poker.