Keep All Your Winnings With Party Poker No Withdrawal Fee Charge

Wednesday, August 5th, 2015 at 8:36 am

At, we are always on the lookout for the best deals when it comes to playing poker. There are many things that frustrate poker players but there are few things more frustrating than finding that you are expected to pay a fee for withdrawing your own money. If you have won money at poker, you shouldn’t be forced to hand over some of this money just because you were successful. This is the sort of thing that leaves a bad taste in the mouth of many poker players and it is easy to see why this is the sort of thing that convinces poker players to change sites.

Party Poker for MacIf you are keen to find a poker site that doesn’t charge a fee for withdrawing funds on the vast majority of payment and withdrawal options, you will be pleased to hear about the latest changes at Party Poker. The site has announced that from August, the processing fee charge is no longer present on the majority of their withdrawal options. This includes bank transfers, VISA cards and MasterCards so if you use these options, you will now be able to withdraw your winnings without having to sacrifice some of the earnings.

Party Poker is becoming a great place for poker players to play

There has been a change of focus at Party Poker of late and the site seems determined to provide people with more reasons to play poker and to feel connected to the site. The company claims to be in regular contact with the poker community and this is just one of the issues that has been highlighted during consultation with their players. This all comes under the “Poker For The People” banner that the site has been promoting this year. Yes it seems like a great marketing tool but if poker players are receiving benefits from such an activity, it has to be of benefit to everyone.

The site has made a number of changes recently including:

  • Changing their loyalty store
  • Making it easier for players of all poker skills to reach higher levels
  • Reintroducing cash for points

These are all small and subtle changes, but they are changes that can mean a lot to many players. Hopefully Party Poker will be able to continue in this manner as it will help many poker players to enjoy their playing time.

There is an ongoing strategy being implemented by Party Poker

The Director of Games at Party Poker, Golan Shaked, said;

Listening to the players is central to our ongoing strategy. When we started our Poker for the People campaign, withdrawal fees and our loyalty store were the two hottest topics raised at our live player forums. Our poker team has been working hard and we’re really pleased to have addressed these two issues but there’s still work to be done. We will continue to look at ways to eliminate withdrawal fees from the small number of payment processors who currently charge a premium for their services. Finally, we need to expedite the withdrawal process by shortening the time it takes to verify player winnings and identity. Our customers can look forward to seeing further significant improvements in the near future.

With the change to withdrawal fees coming in to play on Saturday the 1st of August, many poker players are already feeling the benefit of this decision. If withdrawal fees leave you feeling unhappy about your choice of poker site, Party Poker have given you a reason to make a change.