Feel The Love With ClubWPT

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013 at 9:54 am

Club WPT for MacAt this time of year, it is only natural that you start to think about the one you love and look to spend some quality time alone doing the thing you love best. This means that many poker players will be looking for great online poker opportunities and if you play on ClubWPT, there is a special bounty hunter tournament taking place on Valentine’s Day!

You may think that this is slightly unromantic but when you think about the trials and tribulations that Cupid has to endure, you’ll realise that this is the perfect way to spend the special day. After all, Cupid has to select his prey, stalk them and then send an arrow through their heart to make sure that the message of love is sent around the world, you’ll be doing the same but with poker chips and skilful poker play!

Head to Venice by playing poker with love

There will be $200 on offer which you can grab a slice of and there is a chance to bag bonus tournament points and even gain entry into the upcoming WPT Venice Grand Prix entry event, which is taking place on Sunday.

The times of this Cupid bounty hunt are 7pm and 10pm, both ET so make sure that you are in the right place at the right time to enjoy the love-filled poker environment! The bounty is ClubCupid and there is a special ‘Love Is In The Air’ bonus which will see every player that has received hole cards for the hand in which ClubCupid is removed gaining entry to the $10,000 WPT Venice event on Sunday.

Have a romantic poker fling on Friday!

If you are otherwise engaged on Valentine’s Night and the thought of giving your loved one the slip to enjoy online poker is not worth the hassle, don’t worry, ClubWPT has something special lined up for Friday. What can be better than a Friday fling?

Starting at 7pm ET, there will be 15 fast and fun poker tournaments giving you plenty of opportunities to win some money, defeat other poker players and make up for missing out on the ClubCupid challenge on Thursday! Of course, you can feel free to take part in both events if you have the time available.

Mac users should be aware of the new ClubWPT browser client, which makes it easier than ever before for Mac users to enjoy the online poker fun.