Even US Poker Players Can Enjoy CarbonPoker Mobile App

Thursday, January 2nd, 2014 at 4:18 pm

Carbon Poker for MacEven though the smartphone and tablet device industry is booming in general at the moment, it is clear to see why there is a large spike in new users at the end of a year. A huge number of people around the world receive a smartphone or tablet for their Christmas, which means that this is a fantastic time to launch a new mobile product or app. There are apps available for virtually every topic and hobby you can think of, so it is no surprise to learn that poker players are catered for.

While there could be more poker apps to choose from, the fact that there is an increasing number of options being made available for poker players has to be seen as a positive thing. The latest company to make their way into the world of online apps is Carbon Poker. Carbon Poker is now extremely proud to be able to offer all of their cash games on all of the main mobile platforms. Whether you are a new player to the Carbon Poker site or you have been enjoying the site for a considerable period of time, you will now be able to enjoy Carbon Poker wherever you are.

While the first Carbon Poker app, which is available to players in the United States, has been optimised for use on iOS, it can also be used be on Android, greatly increasing the number of people that can utilise the app.

This poker app leads the way in America

The fact that the app is the first mobile poker app which has been made available to players in the US makes this launch a highly significant one. With No Limit Hold ‘Em games and Microstakes cash games at limit available to choose from, there is more than enough to get started with. The company has also added Fast Fold Speed Poker to the range of gaming options available and they have promised that there will be more to come in the near future. There will also be an expansion in the range of cash options available for players.

There is no doubt that mobile gaming is at the heart of the development of poker play around the world and Merge look set to be rewarded for moving first. The company has stalled of late, seeing WPN and Bodog sneak ahead of it in terms of cash game traffic, so this innovation is well timed and likely to be lucrative.

With US poker players now having the chance to enjoy mobile poker play, there is likely to be an increased level of interest in joining up with online poker sites. Having the freedom and flexibility to play online poker wherever you are and whenever you want is a huge factor in the progress and development of the industry. Now that Carbon Poker has led the way with respect to poker apps in the US, it would be reasonable to assume that the other major networks in the industry will follow suit. 2014 looks set to be a hugely interesting one for US poker players.