Enjoy Pure Poker Every Day

Tuesday, April 19th, 2016 at 11:05 am

The Party Poker site has had a hit on its hand lately with its Pure Poker Wednesday. It was introduced in late March but players have been lining up to get involved with this style of poker tournament. There is a lot to be said for exciting innovations when it comes to online poker but equally, there are times when you want to keep things simple, which is exactly what Pure Poker offers.

Party Poker for MacThe good news is that players no longer have to wait for Wednesday to roll around, Pure Poker is becoming the standard form of tournament on the Party Poker site. Yes, if you log on to the site you’ll find that all of the no-limit hold ‘em tournaments are going to be run along the lines of the Pure Poker events, which means standard freezeouts will be in place. Re-entry has been taken away from all of the leading tournaments, which means you need to be on top of your game at all times.

The tournaments that aren’t switching to the Pure Poker format are High Rollers and stated rebuy tournaments.

Pure Poker
Time (CET) Tournament Buy-in
10:00 Heavyweight: Kangaroo – $5,000 Gtd $109
10:00 Featherweight: $1,000 Gtd $5.50
12:00 Middleweight: $2,000 Gtd $22
14:00 Heavyweight: Rocky – $5,000 Gtd $109
15:00 Middleweight: $1,000 Gtd 6-Max Turbo $22
16:00 Heavyweight: Drago – $10,000 Gtd $109
18:00 Middleweight: $8,000 Gtd $22
19:00 Middleweight: The Knockout – $6,000 Gtd $55
20:00 Featherweight: The Jab – $5,000 Gtd $5.50
20:00 Middleweight: The Contender – $20,000 Gtd $22
20:00 Middleweight: The Counterpunch – $5,000 Gtd $55
20:00 Heavyweight: The Uppercut – $50,000 Gtd $109
22:00 Heavyweight: Clubber – $10,000 Gtd Turbo $109

Enjoy tournament play just like the WPT

WPT PokerAnother big piece of news for tournament lovers on the Party Poker site comes with the fact that tournaments on site are now operating with a blind structure that is the same as the one used on the World Poker Tour. If you are looking to enjoy a tournament in the same manner of the WPT, you can do so from as little as $5.50, which is always good news for poker players!

This change in format sees players starting off with 30,000 chips and then the blinds begin at 75/50, and there will be a running ante of 25, which gets started right away. This change has been introduced in the hope of generating some action and excitement straight from the start. There is also the fact that this move should help the tournaments finish at an earlier time, but without compromising on quality or skill required to take the big prizes.

As with any changes, there will be some people who don’t like it when things deviate from the norm but these changes seem like positive ones. The Pure Poker mode has been welcomed by many players on the Party Poker site and you have an ideal chance to see what the fuss is about.