BetOnline Poker Mac Review

Where’s The BetOnline Mac Download Link?

Many of our visitors have contacted us asking where/how to download BetOnline Poker for Mac. This used to be really easy, however, BetOnline made a mistake when updating their site, and linked their Mac download version to the Windows executable. But don’t worry, while they are working on fixing their mistake, we have found another solution to download BetOnline on a Mac, described just bellow.

First of all, you will have to visit the right page on (with this link you will be redirected to the ‘Create An Account’ page.) You must complete this to receive the download link for Mac. The reason behind this is that the confirmation e-mail contains the BetOnline Poker Mac download link you are so desperately looking for. Make sure to look in your inbox after completing the three-steps registration process, this is where your BetOnline Mac download will be waiting for you.

BetOnline Poker Review

When it comes to giving online gaming confidence, there is nothing better than coming across a site that has been providing games and betting opportunities for a number of years. The BetOnline company has been in operation since 1991 and it has been providing online betting opportunities dating back to 1998.

However, it was the launch of BetOnline Poker back in 2010 that grabbed the attention for many people. The fact that BetOnline Poker provides a US friendly poker experience makes it an automatic choice for many players but there is more to the service than this. The software is dependable, there are a number of reliable deposit methods and there is a strong availability of bonuses, tournaments and promotions to look out for.

One other major bonus about BetOnline Poker is that it suitable for Mac users. With US poker players and Mac users able to sign up for the online poker action, there is a wide scope of players able to participate in the poker action.

Download BetOnline Poker for Mac

BetOnline Poker Mac Software

The trials and tribulations that many Mac users have had to go through in order to find a suitable online poker experience has been hard but these days are at an end. This is down to the fact that there are a number of online poker sites that provide a genuine Mac poker experience. The download option available on site ensures Mac users get the best graphics and gameplay, making sure they don’t feel left out. If you are looking to get the best experiences from your Mac, BetOnline poker is a great site to have in your poker portfolio.

To download BetOnline Poker for Mac you will have to find the link, as they don’t seem to detect Mac computers on the BetOnline website. The correct download link can be found after clicking ‘More Info’ next to the Windows download button. In step 4 you will be prompted a ‘Mac users click HERE’ link in red. It will then download a zipped .app file which you can drag into your applications folder. (The verification e-mail you’ll receive after signing up will also contain a link to download the BetOnline Mac version.)


Any online poker site will be judged on the bonuses it provides to players and this is the case with BetOnline as much as any other site. There are plenty of great reasons to sign up for BetOnline Poker, including Mac and US compatibility as well as the games but there is no doubt that many players will be drawn to bonuses and welcome offers that are presented by a site.

For all new players signing up for BetOnline, there is the opportunity to receive a 25% matched deposit bonus on all and any deposits made in the poker room. This is a good start with respect to poker bonuses and the good is instantly improved upon by the fact that the bonus is provided to players instantly. This means that at the moment you place your initial deposit into your account, BetOnline will place the 25% bonus into your account and this can be used straight away. If you are a poker player that doesn’t like to wait around, this is the sort of bonus that will greatly appeal to you.

The bonus is distributed to players in the form of tournament bucks and for every $50 deposit that a player makes, they will receive 200 tournament bucks that can be used in redemption against of the tournaments that are provided by BetOnline Poker.

Another incentive provided by BetOnline Poker is the fact that there is a freeroll event running every hour, taking place on the hour. There is a wide range of prize pools on offer, usually ranging from $10 all the way to $200 and entry to these freeroll events cost nothing.

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There is an acceptance that US friendly poker sites will provide fewer deposit methods than other poker sites but BetOnline Poker still manages to provide a great range of deposit methods. Players are able to use Visa, Neteller, Skrill, MoneyOrders, Bankwire and even check facilities. The site also provides the BookToBook service which allows players to transfer money between selected sports betting accounts. The minimum deposit level is $50 although this is not across every method, with some of the minimum deposit levels being higher. With respect to withdrawing funds from BetOnline Poker, players can use Skrill, Neteller, Bankwire, a check, person To Person or use the BookToBook facility.

BetOnline Poker Tournaments

BetOnline Poker provides a calendar of events showcasing the tournaments that take place on site throughout a month and there is a lot to enjoy. There are many games and tournaments taking place at various points during the day so no matter when you log on to the site, you will find that there is a poker game or hand that will take your interest. However, it can be of benefit to look forward to a major poker tournament and if you are the sort of player that likes to plan ahead, the BetOnline Poker tournament will enable you to do this.

Tuesday is Turbo Tuesday where there is a $1,000 guaranteed prize pool on offer. Turbo games have been increasing in popularity in recent times, providing players with a faster poker experience. Not everyone has a lot of free time to be able to play poker for a long time online so it is good to see that there is a chance to pop in, play and then drop out all for big money. The nature of turbo poker means you don’t spend any time waiting between hands and if you fold, you will be moved quickly on to a new table and play commences again. For players that love to feel an adrenaline rush, this is an ideal way to play online poker.

Wednesday and Thursday see the guaranteed funds in the tournaments rising to $1,500 and $2,000 respectively, providing players with a bigger incentive to log back on to the site. There are also opportunities to win seats for the big weekend tournaments, which again will act as a huge incentive for online poker players.

The biggest tournament on site is the $15,000 WSOP Sit N Go guaranteed tournament that comes on the last Saturday of the month. With qualifiers and satellite events taking place throughout the month, there is a sense that the poker action on site builds to this event. Saturday and Sunday tournaments throughout the month provide big money guarantees to play for with $7,000 $8,000 and $10,000 prizes regularly being on offer but it is the big end of month game that stands out for poker players looking to make the most of BetOnline Poker.

The strength of provisions in a number of different areas is the thing that helps to make BetOnline Poker one of the most popular online poker sites. A US friendly poker site is always going to be well received and the fact that Mac players can access the great games and tournaments means that everyone gets the chance to join in with the poker action. With plenty of bonuses and tournaments on offer, BetOnline Poker provides everything a poker player should be looking for.

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